Dresser Drawer Shelves


It’s Spring!  That means Spring cleaning and people putting out unwanted/broken stuff on the tree belt!  That means fun new crafting items for me.  My latest adventure:  making shelves out of dresser drawers.


I’ve found quite a few in various states of “distress”.  I haven’t taken any of dressers that seem to be in good shape (in case someone actually wants the whole dresser).  First, I cleaned them off and took off any contact paper in the bottoms of the drawers (I hate that stuff).  I decoupaged scrapbook paper to the backs of the shelves from my favorite handy-dandy scrapbook pad:


The good thing about this pad (from Jo-Anne’s Fabrics, I think) is that there are 3 pages of each pattern so I could piece them together to make a single pattern in each drawer.  And I love this “Heirloom” look.  It seems perfect for this project.  For my decoupage medium, I just used a mixture of white glue and water.  It did bubble a little, but I kind of like the creases for texture.  If you want to make sure it adheres more smoothly, I’ve read that you can soak the paper in water to “relax” it first.

So… here’s what I came up with:


For the dining room.  This one sits on the floor and I added the front from another drawer that was more broken to the top with glue.  Another drawer front sits on the floor, which seemed to give it a little more stability.  I drilled through the bottom of each drawer into the one underneath it and only had long screws so I put in chunks of 2×4 to screw into.  These drawers are a little more flimsy, so I thought that would be helpful, too.


For the porch.  This one is for grill stuff.  I attached them to each other sideways so the knobs could be used on either side to hang things from.


Another one for the porch.  This one is for gardening stuff.  I hung it on the wall by just screwing it in.

p.s.  I found the link for my inspiration for this: http://diyshowoff.com/2012/04/04/diy-drawer-shelves/  – I LOVE Pinterest and I love DIY & Show Off!

Here are a couple others I’ve found on WordPress blogs:

http://applesforolive.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/dresser-drawers-turned-wall-shelves-phase-1-installation/ – I love her arrangement and the way she set them up ahead of time using paper templates to get the perfect display.  All in all, one of my new favorite blogs!

http://thepearlowl.com/2012/08/20/drawer-turned-craft-shelf/ – I love this one.  The dowel and the jars make it the perfect craft material display case… and who couldn’t use more of those?

Update:  I just added a spice-shelf to the dining room one at my wife’s request.  Anything that helps her cook more delicious stuff for us is fine by me. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Dresser Drawer Shelves

  1. […] the dresser-drawer shelf I made a while ago.  (That project is here, if you’re interested:  https://craftymadre.com/2013/05/14/dresser-drawer-shelves/)  There’s a washer in the center with a neat looking metal flower-shaped thing I found in my […]

  2. Great minds think alike… I do that.


  3. What a great idea for utilitarian use of drawers! And thank you for the feature 😉

  4. Brilliant use of those drawers! Your special touches make them extra special too!

  5. Bebe Butler says:

    love your creations..practical art…have been thinking about that alot lately…art you can use…we love that! nice to collide

  6. Many Cha Cha Michelle says:

    I love these. Crate shelves look great but it’s not always easy to find cheap ones. But old drawers are a dime a dozen and these look just as good! Very smart.

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