Skirt/Pants Bags

photo-56I’ve been home with a sick boy for the past couple days so I was finally able to work on this project.  I got the idea from my friend’s Etsy store:  TheGreenCat (  She upcycles anything and everything and is an amazing seamstress.  Me… not so much.  But I figured out how to use my sewing machine and nothing can stop me now!

photo-57This one was a thrift store find mini-skirt.  (Our Maggie certainly found it comfortable.)  I tried to contour the sides a little like they teach on the beginners sewing website, cutting it at a couple different angles and resewing until I ended up with a somewhat rounded bottom.  I put in a large snap closure and used the bottom of the skirt that I cut off to make the straps.  There was very little fabric left over, which I’m pretty proud of.

photo-58I really liked the pattern on this thrift store (what else) mini-skirt.  The other cool things about using pants or skirts, I discovered, is that the pockets can be preserved on the final product and who doesn’t love special compartments for their phone, keys, etc…  This particular skirt was cool because it had a pair of build in bike-shorts so it’s like it’s lined.  I did make sure to hand-sew over the zipper several times so that it wouldn’t accidentally unzip and spill someone’s stuff everywhere.

photo-59And this one is what kind of got me started.  I got a desperate text from my wife a couple weeks ago asking me to bring her new pants because hers had ripped (she won’t be mad at me for posting that because she promptly put it on Facebook).  It wasn’t the typical butt rip, though, it was ripped/worn on the inner thigh.  I couldn’t just throw them away, so I made them into my first bag.  I used a little of one of my favorite ribbons for a kind of loop/button closure.  I also like the look of the red thread on the khaki fabric.  It’s a little whimsical (not that a purse made out of pants could every be anything but) and it has a little good feng shui built in.

Here are some others I’ve found on blogs… so many cool techniques, so little time: – This one’s a great tutorial- and she really went all the way with a lining and everything. – Another one with a tutorial.  I love the use of the jeans skirt and linings!  – I love the bohemian shape to this one, with a fabric flower to boot.  Make sure to check out her tutorial on how to make a french seam.  Who knew?

And in case you’re interested, here they are in my Etsy shop: