Button “Bouquets”


I made a bunch of these button bouquets for a craft fair a few years ago (didn’t sell any).  I still have a few collecting dust at home and gave the rest away for Christmas presents that year.  This one is at my parents’ house.  The cool thing about it is that it has a bunch of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons from my grandmother’s nurse’s hats.  It has some tiny black beads in the little jar to hold it in with some small rocks on top.

ImageThis one is my favorite and sits on my mantle.  It’s in a cute little vintage pipe tobacco can. They’re super easy to make.  I used my needle nose pliers and a medium gage wire (heavy enough to maintain its shape but light enough to be manipulated and fit through the button holes).  I started off making a “trunk” with a few strands and left plenty of room at the top for the “branches”.  Then, I just found the buttons I wanted, strung them onto the wire, and twisted them up!  This one is held into the container with floral foam with some colored rocks glued on top.


This one wasn’t made for a specific container, so I just topped it into this vase.  I like the red buttons and, properly placed in a room, can add some good chi in terms of feng shui.


This one was also not made with a certain container in mind so I popped it into a brown bottle I had lying around.  It’s not very proportionate but it’s cute.


I was checking out some other button bouquets on other blogs and found some great ones.  Here are my favorites:

http://justcallmemissdiy.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/button-bouquet/ – The woman profiled makes amazing bouquets… and the blog has tons of great ideas.

http://blog.mjtrim.com/2008/09/02/diy-button-bouquet/  – I love this store- there are so many cool ribbons and notions it’s hard to choose.

http://pumpkinandpye.com/2013/05/27/steampunk-wedding-bouquet/ – And this is my absolute favorite.  It’s not buttons, but the only thing better is steampunk!

I added ribbon to the “stems” of these two and it made them look pretty spiffy.  They’d make great boutineers, I think.