Index Card A Day (ICAD) Summer Challenge!


I’ve been seeing blogs about the ICAD “project” and am excited to be hopping on board.  It’s June 1st and I’m going to commit to doing 7 a week (I like the idea of not putting the pressure on to do one a day).  I have lists of quotes and sayings that I’ve been collecting over the years to include in cards and crafts, and they’re all in different places (my computer, my phone, random notebooks).  So, in order to make this a project that I’ll really use for years to come, I’m going to put the sayings on these index cards and keep them in an “inspiration box” (which I also get to decorate).

So… there’s my first one (above).  It was a quickie because it’s been a LONG day but I wanted to start off on the 1st.  I actually just used the three markers I happened to have in a cup on my nightstand.  They were totally random (1 regular Sharpie, 1 thin tipped Sharpie, and one almost dried out marker from an old set my boy had).

Here’s a package full of index cards (I happened to have had all blank ones, 3×5, laying around).


And here are some other bloggers who have talked about doing the challenge or have started it today, as well:  – Here’s the actual “challenge” from Daisy Yellow.  I follow her on Bloglovin and Facebook and LOVE her stuff.  – This one is so pretty and she said that it was “easy” (for her, maybe).  I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with (and I was so glad to find this blog).  – Another new blog for me to follow.  I love that the whole family is getting in on it.  I’m going to see if I can convince the boy to make some with me.  – This is another one that got her daughter in on the action.  I definitely have to get the boy to help me out (even if I have to bribe him).

And if YOU have quotes and sayings that you like… please put them in a comment below.  I’m always looking for inspiration.  (What crafter isn’t?!?)

Thanks for looking!