Mandala Monday


This was so fun! I finally “harvested” my flower press and needed to fill it up again. I’ve seen other bloggers do Mandala Mondays so I wanted to try it out. I picked some of my favorite flowers from my garden (and one from my neighbor’s bush that leans over my fence) and went to work. I used a sleeve from an LP for the surface so I could keep it square (and because I like the aged paper look). I took the photo with Instagram to also keep it square and I used one of their filters. (I can’t remember which.)

I have no idea what any of the flowers are called (except the maroon carnation in the middle- it was a Mother’s Day gift from my boy). I tend to just buy flowers at farmers’ markets, garden shops, and Home Depot (when I’m broke). I don’t really pay attention to what they’re called, just how the look and how big they’re expected to grow.

All in all, the project was a really fun, relaxing project. I loved the smells and feel of the petals and leaves. I didn’t love the little red bugs but they don’t eat much. After I took the picture, I deconstructed all the flowers and put them in my press.


Update:  Ahhh… It’s so much easier blogging from my computer.  I like using my phone (mostly because I’m impatient) but I can do so much more with my laptop.  So, here are my “inspirations” for this post:  – Patty’s blog is the first place I saw “Mandala Mondays” and is also one of my favorite blogs.  Looking at her mandalas, and the ways she photographs them, just take me to another plain.  The one in this post is one of my favorites.  – It looks like this is where Patty got the idea from.  This blog is also absolutely beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Mandala Monday

  1. dawnsrays says:

    Wow, really really pretty. You have some pansies and some azalea flowers surrounding that deep rich carnation.
    Happy Mandala Monday to you, as well.

  2. OH your mandala is gorgeous…the colors and pattern took my breath away!
    I did not know carnations came in such a gorgeous color!

    That is a very nice flower press you have there, looks like a good size and chock full of loveliness … I enjoy pressing flowers too

    For some reason I can remember plant names better than phone numbers and such LOL

    Happy Mandala Monday…I played along too ♥

    • craftymadre says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for your comment. I’ll be sure to link to you when I’m able to spiffy-up my post from my computer. Yours is, of course, the blog I first saw these on. I LOVE your artwork.

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