ICAD- Crown and recycle themes


Here’s my next ICAD contribution (I didn’t do one yesterday because I was working on my Mandala, but I’ll catch up).  I spent about an hour weeding my garden and planting a few stray flowers and pepper plants that I had to get in the ground before they died.  Then, I found some seed packets my wife brought home from work.  They were from last year, so they may not work out so well but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  I put the Morning Glory seeds in to soak before planting tomorrow and I was left with a beautiful seed-packet just begging to be reused.  After looking at it for a while and thinking about the optional prompts from Daily Yellow’s list, I started putting this together.  The phrase “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” from the Hallelujah Chorus literally leapt into my head.  My church invites people to go up and sing it with the Choir every Easter and every year, without fail, it gives me chills.

I started with a thin layer of gesso and stuck the packet on with that, brushing some over the top of the packet and rubbing it off in places with my finger tip.  I used a couple of butterfly stamps, because I always think of the emergence of butterflies from their cocoons in relation to the story of Jesus rising from the dead.  Then, I noticed the word “Heavenly” in the variety name, so I traced over that with a thin black Sharpie to bring it out a little.  I used thin and thick Sharpies for the words and thin Sharpies to trace over the butterflies and the flowers and do some other random shading/highlighting.  I kind of snuck in the zebra prompt with the butterfly on the right hand side, too.  The white that was showing in the background seemed a little bright, so I use some really diluted water color pencils to lightly shade the background.  I thought about putting in an actual crown somewhere, but figured I should leave well-enough alone.  As almost an afterthought, I added in an actual morning glory seed with some green glitter glue.  I figured a little bit of bling never hurt anyone.

Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “ICAD- Crown and recycle themes

  1. Beth says:

    I love how the seed packet turned out, so pretty.

  2. Very nice, I really like it! 🙂 I’ve also been participating in the icad challenge 🙂

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