A lesson in mistakes


I made this ICAD to continue my “quote collection”. It was a lesson in mistakes, but I tend to like those projects the best. I was thinking of the wallpaper theme when I decoupaged scrapbook paper columns on first, putting a few rips in the seams, and then making it a little distressed looking with some gesso smudges over the top. Then, I stamped this cool Recollections stamp with illegible writing on it a few times (the card was bigger than the stamp). This was my first mistake: I don’t have many different colors of ink pads, so I often use bingo markers or magic markers instead to ink up my stamp. This time I grabbed my son’s washable markers, and realized later that they do, indeed, wash off. More on that later…


Anyhow… I had actually made the background for this card before choosing the quote. So, I went to my handy dandy iPhone app where I store some of the quotes I like and found one that was short enough to do with stamped letters. “I shut my eyes in order to see.” I went to work stamping with what looked like a gold stamp pad (second and third mistakes). It wasn’t exactly gold… More of a yellow that barely showed up. But I figured I could go over it with a Sharpie. Also, I hadn’t exactly cleaned the letter stamps the last time I used them so some had green left over, which ended up on this card. Oh well… I kept at it. I then went over the stamps with black Sharpie and wrote the name of the person who the quote was attributed to on the bottom. (Fourth mistake)


Okay… So I usually do look up the people whose quotes I like before use them to see who they are (so I’m not inadvertently using something by someone like Hitler or Pol Pot). I did not look up this name before I put it on the card. After I put it on the card, however, I googled the name, Paul Gatesuguin, and was puzzled to only come up with some Flickr and Tumbler and Facebook references. Hmmm…. So I googled the quote and saw that it was actually the artist Paul Gauguin. I guess the Tumbler and Flickr folks were using the same quote app I was and all butchered his name! So, I ripped off a leftover piece of the seed envelope from my last ICAD and wrote the real name. This is where mistake #1 comes back. I decoupaged it on but the glue “washed off” the washable marker I used in the stamp. Oh well!

I love it, anyway. Thanks for looking! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A lesson in mistakes

  1. Randy Garcia says:

    Great Blog !! – Best Regards, ~Randy Garcia.~

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