ICAD + Drunken Stampers Challenge

ImageI could not resist the Drunken Stampers’ challenge this week.  As soon as I saw “Monty Python” I was hooked.  The challenge was to use “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” in a card and, for the truly brave of heart, to also include a “rabbit” theme.


This is my all-time favorite quote from the movie (possibly from any movie):  the knight insists “It’s just a flesh wound” after having his arms hacked off in possibly the funniest movie fight scene in history.  For the “knight”, I found this cute little rabbit from a Richard Scarry book I’ve had sitting on my craft shelf for ages.  I drew the wild bore insignia on his little suit jacket.  A little red glitter-glue blood and I don’t think it could be better.


Instead of keeping it in my ICAD quote collection, I had to put this one in a little frame and give it away to someone who would appreciate it.

This was so much fun… I have to find more of these challenges.

UPDATE: This is the coolest thing ever- I won the challenge with this one. I’m SO, SO, SO excited!! Here it is on their blog: http://drunkenstampers.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/life-of-the-party-winner-challenge-132-monty-python-the-holy-grail/

18 thoughts on “ICAD + Drunken Stampers Challenge

  1. […] life I think a little bit of well-place glitter glue can absolutely MAKE a design.  (for example: https://craftymadre.com/2013/06/16/icad-drunken-stampers-challenge/) The ICAD (above) is my contribution to the challenge.  I used a background that I made with a […]

  2. chrispylou says:

    You had me at glitter glue blood! LOL! Congrats to you for being picked as our Life of the Party at Drunken Stampers! Your ICAD is fabulous!!

  3. Jessi says:

    How could you not? This is AWESOMESAUCE all over. It’s only a flesh wound! lol! Huge congrats on your well-deserved win!

  4. I LOVE THIS! and GLITTER BLOOD?! seriously Cool! I LOVE how your brain works!!! (And did you see that the Drunken Stampers have a design team call out? JUST Sayin’!!!)

    • craftymadre says:

      Lol!!! Thank you much. Not many people seem to understand how my brain works (I don’t understand, half the time). I was thinking about applying for a spot on their next team… 🙂

  5. Spike says:

    Talk about stinkin’ HILARIOUS!! Love this!! Ahhhh…Monty Python is just a lot of crazy fun! 😀


  7. dawnsrays says:

    That is hysterical and oo so cute in a black comedy kind of way!

  8. Oh my gosh! You’re the “tis only a flesh wound” bleeding rabbit from ICAD!!! I didn’t put two and two together! You know that you get extra, extra credit for Monty Python references!! My favorite quote…”Are you suggesting that Coconuts are Migratory..?” I am glad to have found a kindred spirit! You Rock!

    • craftymadre says:

      LOL! Thanks so much. Monty Python rocks. People that don’t know the reference are probably thinking I’m completely sick. I love challenges like that.

  9. donnastamps1971 says:

    LOVE it!!! It’s just a flesh wound…muaahhhh ha ha ha ha ha
    Thanks for playing along with the Drunken Stampers this week for the Monty Python and the Holy Grail challenge 🙂

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