Mandala Monday

ImageIt was time to harvest some of my herbs and it also happens to be Mandala Monday.  Here’s what I came up with.  I used a newspaper with an announcement of one of my favorite farm stands winning a local “best-of” for the background.  It’s a really loose design, with some long shoots from my thyme around the outside of the circle.  I added in some shoots from a variety of mint plants in the center and then put some cilantro on top with the flowers from the cilantro (going to seed for coriander) in the middle.  I love it and the best part is how my hands smell after picking and playing with the herbs.  Or maybe the real best part is the delicious things my wife will be able to make with them.

Here’s the before (the mandala) and the after (with them drying on my porch):

ImageSpeaking of my amazing wife, it was my birthday yesterday and here’s what she got me (among other things).  It’s a regular cornucopia of craft supplies.  Did I mention that she’s amazing???


7 thoughts on “Mandala Monday

  1. masterbard says:

    Spectacular mandala -one’s eye can follow it around and not become tired as the natural curves and colours draw you into the white peacefulness of the centre.

  2. Love the mandala, and what a lot of goodies you got!! I am very jealous.

  3. Hi Nicole! I have decided I will be Gardening vicariously through you from now on! This is just an amazing wreath! I am going to be painting gardens this year:) Looking forward to seeing more!

    • craftymadre says:

      Thanks a lot. I wish I could paint as well as I could garden. I’m getting a shed put in that I need to paint and my wife agreed to let me paint one side however I wanted. I’ve dreamed of painting a faux garden on my fence for ages (which she’s never let me do), so I think I’m going to do the garden on the side of the shed, instead. I’m just not sure I trust my painting skills… but that’s what abstract art is for. I’ll post it when it’s done.
      I LOVE your blog. I’m glad you looked me up on Facebook. That ICAD challenge is so much fun!

      • So can you Paint the garden on the Shed? That would be awesome…I’m sure she would love it! You could maybe do some Garden Cards for ICAD and try out some layouts:) I’m toying with the idea of painting a garden too…I miss being out in the dirt! We live 2 hours north of Phoenix and my soil is literally orange clay:) I’ve amended for years with my own compost…and nothin’! But I have a great time out there digging. I hope to see pics of your shed soon!

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