A Logo?

I’ve been entering a bunch of “challenges” and checking out a bunch of different blogs and started thinking I should maybe make a logo to identify myself in the “blog world”. I’ve seen a ton of really cool ones and know I’m going to have to work up to something truly spectacular, but here’s my first crack at it. I was trying to combine the gardening and the crafting, and the mandala seems like a nice nod to my psychology “day job”. Oh, and purple. I love the color purple. (The movie was pretty cool, too.)
Now I just have to figure out how to attach this to posts on other pages. This blogging can really get technically complicated, but it’s so fun!!


11 thoughts on “A Logo?

  1. suecarroll1 says:

    I can so relate to being a bit technically challenged! I love the encouragement mmbdabbleon gave you above:) Learn a little each day! I know I am:)

  2. Lorrin says:

    Nice, Nik! Definitely check out dafont.com. A nice curvy unique script would be nice. I’ll have time soon to give you PS lessons.

  3. Many Cha Cha Michelle says:

    I no longer have photoshop and I miss it so much, you will love it when you get the hang of a few things. Your mandala is a great basis for the logo, it’s lovely.

  4. mmbdabbleon says:

    There is a lot organic free fonts out there if you wanted to tie that in with the flowers. I usually draw out my own lettering but for someone just looking for some to use http://www.dafont.com/ is a place loaded with free fonts.

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