End of the school year!

20130623-105752.jpgI realized I wasn’t using my “with the boy” category too much. Don’t get me wrong- we do things together all the time. We just don’t MAKE a lot. He’s not a big “maker”. But when he is in the mood to make something, it’s always really interesting!

I brought a few random supplies to church last week for him to make end of the year thank you cards for his teachers. I just grabbed a handful of stuff out of his craft basket: pipe cleaners, stickers, markers, tape, wooden stars, and construction paper. He loves manipulating things with his hands, so he spent a lot of time making things out of the pipe cleaners. His other mom had the brilliant idea of making a sword, so they had a little sword fight during the sermon. I’m sure the people sitting in back of us appreciated that.

20130623-110028.jpgWhen I finally got him focused on the cards, he decided to tape some of his creations down, decorate a little, and call it a day. I got them both Starbucks gift cards (not very creative/original, but it was a last minute Hail Mary play). I also wrote them nice, personalized notes. When I was a teacher, the hand made cards and gifts were, hands down, the best. Gift cards were used and forgotten, but I actually have some of the things kids made and the school pictures they gave me from 10 years ago.

20130623-105858.jpgThey were really amazing with him this year. They helped him get the right accommodations and by the end of the year he was thriving! All “As” and “Bs”- and this from a kid who they were talking about holding back last year.

What do you do for teachers at the and of the year? Or, if you are a teacher, what have been some of your most memorable gifts?


2 thoughts on “End of the school year!

  1. Love those glasses on the back of the t-shirt.


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