Mandala Monday

Shoot!  I thought I uploaded this before but it didn’t take.  Better late than never…


Here’s my contribution for today.  I was expecting a long day at work and then had to go get a new phone (an excursion that I had no idea would take 3 hours!).  So, I decided to try to make an electronic mandala on my phone.  I opened up my Pic Collage app (a favorite) and imported some pictures.  I started with 4 ICADs I’d done last week  with similar materials/techniques (all starting with a failed attempt at using a 3D stencil with gesso).  I used those as the 4 “corners” of my circle.  Then, I cropped a photo I took yesterday and made a kind of star design using several copies of it.  The photo is kind of a funny story:  I got this pinata for my parents’ surprise 50th Anniversary party at church.  When I went back the next day, I happened to notice it hanging from a stick outside the dumpster.  I guess the sexton couldn’t bare to chuck it.  I call it “Resurrection of the Backyardigan”.

The mandala came out somewhat psychedelic looking, but the shape is strangely appealing to me.  And I was able to use images of a few cards that I didn’t really like to make something pretty interesting.  Mondays are always so hard to find time to really concentrate on anything, I’m starting to think I should actually plan ahead a bit and make my mandala on Sunday (and then just post it on Monday).  That wouldn’t be cheating, would it?

5 thoughts on “Mandala Monday

  1. This conversation reminded me of this blog post I saw (and loved) last summer:

    Maybe you have seen it before??

    • craftymadre says:

      Wow. That is beautiful. I’ve never seen such precision and detail in a design done with flowers. I’m sure the process of making that was truly mindful.

  2. “Resurrection of the Backyardigan”? LOL. That’s funny.
    Interesting mandala; I normally think of them as being sketched or painted, but not so much as a collage.

    BTW, I encourage you to cheat for the next one. Might as well do stuff while you have more time than on busier days.

    • craftymadre says:

      Thanks. I usually think of mandalas as drawn, too, but a couple other bloggers have been making them out of plants and flowers and posting them on Mondays (hence, the Mandala Monday). I loved the idea so I joined in.

      And I’m totally going to start cheating. (Don’t tell anyone.)

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