Fungus Friday (a la Woodland Whimsy)

Bonus post for today!  After seeing the neat post from Woodland Whimsy that this post is named after, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve just been finding myself noticing a lot of mushrooms around lately.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m noticing them more or there are more of them to notice.  The weather has been pretty perfect for fungus, though, so it’s probably that there are just more of them.  So… here goes:

IMG_6204 IMG_6785 IMG_6790 IMG_6794

That’s all.

6 thoughts on “Fungus Friday (a la Woodland Whimsy)

  1. fun fungi!
    I am a shroom fancier too and always stop for lichen 😉
    what a great border those Starbuck’s plugs (?) make around the pot…we have a collection of them and hadn’t found a use for them…yet

  2. still life says:

    I think it’s the weather. I saw dozens of mushrooms arise in my yard

  3. samara says:

    That’s all…that’s all…that’s all! lol lol lol That’s a miracle! You are a miracle. You made a miracle. They are adorable and that you noticed these little sprites is beautiful. I’ll bet if they could talk to you (though I believe devas can) they would say Thank you Thank you Thank you for arting about me! Lovies, Samara (oh, I know I live outside the box) haha

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