A few more ICADs- on the home stretch

ImageI saw a “recipe” for making spray ink on a blog recently and decided to try it out.  Not only would it be a money saver, but it would also be a way to upcycle come spray bottles I already have and a new technique to try- TRIPLE WIN!  Here’s the blog with the really simple instructions:


I started out all these cards with a little spray-ink from the first bottle I made.  The only glitch I found was that the spray-nozzle seemed to get clogged up after not too long.  I think I’ll have to clear it out with water pretty frequently.  When I started out, I didn’t have as much paint in the solution, but it wasn’t very dark on the page, so I guess the clogged sprayer is the price I pay for wanting more color.  I also used the tulle to make some texture on the card with a brush in the same color paint.


I had printed this little poem/blessing on a card with my new printer when I was testing it out a couple weeks ago.  It had come to my attention when I saw a blogger post a request from Jan to let people know that it was actually her work, rather than the work of someone else it was mistakenly being attributed to.  Here’s that post:


And here’s a link to one of Jan’s blogs:


I love Jan’s work and am going to a retreat being sponsored by my church that she’s leading in the fall.  I can’t wait.  I used the washi tape prompt on this one for just a little more color, but I didn’t want to do too much to it because I think the words are just beautiful as they are.ImageImage

These last two I just made for fun.  The Dr. Seuss quote is one of my wife’s favorites so I’m going to put it in a little frame for her office (and the rainbow wording is a big theme for us, for obvious reasons).  I tried using some “floating medium” I had around but couldn’t really figure out what it did.  I have to check out some tutorials and try it again when I have some more time and patience.

The last one is just a quote that popped into my head with the combo of the “ocean” and “bicycle” prompts.  I kind of messed up the bicycle wheel, but it’s only an index card, after all.  After the spray clogged, I just took the cap off and started flicking and wiping the straw on the card.  I made a little washi tape fish and then put on the reverse of the fish for good measure.  (Who’s ever seen an ocean with only one fish?)

Here are a few other ICAD posts from some of my other favorite bloggers:

http://pixelknitsponderings.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/index-card-a-day-2013-week-6/  – She used some spray-inks this week, too.  I love all the techniques she tried, especially her scrap washi heart (I need to start my own scrap-washi collection, now.)

http://defineyourjoy.com/2013/07/14/this-weeks-index-cards-2/ – I know I’ve already linked to Natasha’s cards but I just love them and her daughter is still doing them right along with her.  She was just published in Altered Arts Magazine, which is the coolest thing in the world.  (She totally deserves it.)

http://imperfectimpulses.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/idle-impulses/  – And here’s another blog I recently started following.  I especially love his art journal stuff and I’ve watched a bunch of his tutorials on YouTube.  They’re not only fun to watch, they teach great techniques.  Here’s his YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjU04ybwhaF0OyvQp-4Y1Eg

Thanks for looking.  Two more weeks of ICAD… what will be my next “challenge”???

12 thoughts on “A few more ICADs- on the home stretch

  1. […] my famous glitter spray.  Oh, and the background is my homemade spray ink (see here for details: https://craftymadre.com/2013/07/18/a-few-more-icads-on-the-home-stretch).  On the inside I just wrote “Welcome to the world.”  My diaper cake is almost done […]

  2. Amy says:

    I love that quote by Max Ehrmann. Silence is so often underappreciated, which is unfortunate because many great things can take form in the silence.

  3. […] interest.  (Oh, here’s my post in which I made spray-ink, in case you’re interested: https://craftymadre.com/2013/07/18/a-few-more-icads-on-the-home-stretch/)  Little did I know, but the not-yet dry ink in the quote stamp ran a little with the spray, but […]

  4. Ha! I love the quote on the last one! Such I follow most of the blogs you mentioned…but there was one or two I don’t – going to check them out now!

  5. Thanks for the linky love! I, too, have had spray paint issues. It really takes finding the right mixture AND the right bottle. Travel bottles (empty ones) aren’t that good for spray inks, but travel bottles with hairspray tend to be a bit better since hairspray is thicker and clogs easily. OH and don’t leave the cap off. That’s the # 1 rule with spray paints. HUGS!

    • craftymadre says:

      I’m LOVING your tutorials! They’re a hoot and you always make such cool-looking pages. I had no idea how many layers and different techniques go into one of those.

  6. Thanks for referring to the other links. Probably gonna be more people I end up following. I tried making pink and blue alcohol spray inks. The shades came out light. Probably too watered down, and it does get clogged every now and then. Sprays could get tricky, but I placed a few beads in each bottle to make them mix better.

  7. Thank you!! You have made my day. I liked more vibrant sprays as well so I ended up with clogged sprayers. I really like the look of the vibrancy of the dylusions but I am too cheap!! 🙂

    Love the Dr Seuss card, very painty, and I am missing painting on my index cards! Didn’t expect to miss it so much!

    Love the words you put on your cards. Very inspiring. 🙂

    • craftymadre says:

      Thank you! Michael’s is having a sale that I’m going to check out tomorrow. A bottle of the dylusions and a distress ink pad are on top of my list.

      I’ve really liked trying out different techniques on my cards, but it’s also my first time doing them. I love that you committed to collage and you’re sticking with it. Your managing to make a real variety of looks, though, with that one medium. I love your stuff!

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