Challenge entry for The Stampsmith Challenge (and my new favorite stamps)


I LOVE when neatly decorated packages come in the mail.  It’s always the sign of a crafter sending me supplies or a piece I ordered.  This one from Estelle was no exception.  I’ve been starting to experiment with stamping and loving all the resources on-line (and, of course, at good-ol’ Michael’s).  I found this challenge and knew it would be the perfect excuse to get some new stamps:

The “shabby chic” and “grunge” themes certainly helped peak my interest!  So, here’s my contribution to this week’s challenge.  I’m thinking it ended up being more of a grunge look.  I usually start out envisioning shabby chic, but then I keep adding more and more layers, pushing things over into “grunge-range”.  This card started out with really pretty circles using a few different yellow acrylics and “floating medium”.  You can see it more than in my last post’s card’s background.  It works amazingly well with shading and blending.  Then, I used one of my new Stampsmith stamps to add this great Anais Nin quote (I love her).  I used the cute heart stamps that I’ve had forever and a Sharpie to make little flowers in the centers of the circles I had made.  Then, I added some roses with the “extra” stamp that Estelle threw in (I LOVE extras).  The coolest thing about her stamps is the intricate details in some of them.  I had no idea stamps could actually be photo-realistic, as well.  I know that I’m going to get better at using them- there’s quite a skill to stamping.

This is where I started venturing into “grunge-land”, I think.  I recently made some spray-ink with acrylic and rubbing alcohol so I thought a little spray would add some more interest.  (Oh, here’s my post in which I made spray-ink, in case you’re interested:  Little did I know, but the not-yet dry ink in the quote stamp ran a little with the spray, but by then I was committed to grunge, so it worked out.  Then, I took quote stamp that still had a little ink on it and randomly stamped over the rest of the card.  The black hearts are actually a wooden heart that I used as a stamp.  So, there you have it!


As a bonus, here’s another ICAD I made this week, I used torn up coin wrappers for it.  Funnily, I used the label from a sheet of letters I got from the Stampsmith to stamp the letters over the top and grunge this one up, as well.  (By the way, the letters are in these intricate nouveau art flower designs- be on the lookout for a project with them soon.)

So, there you have it.  What’s the most unique way you’ve used a stamp/stamps?  I think I’m addicted.

14 thoughts on “Challenge entry for The Stampsmith Challenge (and my new favorite stamps)

  1. You are an art supply enabler I have decided! Also very slowly I am getting caught up with my reader. You have been busy!! 🙂

  2. Aren’t Estelle’s packages fun!! I love them too. Really fun grungey project and and great way to use the sentiment stamp! Thank you for joining the Stampsmith Challenge!!

  3. lostinpaper says:

    How wonderful! For me the shabby or the grunge look seem impossible, how clever you are.

  4. Hi Thanks for deciding to follow my bog. Your’s is lots of fun. 🙂

  5. Your ICAD is great … I am a big fan of tearing paper … sounds good … feels good! So many friends have been playing along with the challenge I could not keep track!

    I have used rubber stamps to emboss velvet before and that always seemed a little different to me…

    Happy Weekend to you
    p.s. I just happened to post about ICADs this morning

  6. thefrugalcrafter says:

    love the grunge collages! What is an ICAD?

    • craftymadre says:

      Thanks! ICAD is short for “Index Card A Day”. It’s a summer challenge by Daisy Yellow for people to decorate one index card every day for 2 months. It’s almost over, but I’ve loved it! It’s totally gotten my creative juices flowing.

  7. dawnsrays says:

    Love that ripped coin wrapper icad!
    I don’t know that I have stamped in a unique way but I do love carving my own unique stamps. Its really cool to see your own hand in that way on a piece you’ve created. You need to try that next 😉

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