It all started with a little nick


Disclaimer… this post is more about my wife’s creative outlet than mine.  I’m the crafter and she’s the cook.  And an amazing cook she is.

A couple days ago, she noticed a little nick in the top of our glasstop stove and then realized it had turned into a hairline crack that went from one side to another.  Not good for a glasstop stove.  Then, all these amazing things started happening…

1)  I had an old friend who we haven’t seen in a while come by to tell us whether or not the gas line in the kitchen looked like it was in good enough shape for a gas stove.  We decided it might be but we couldn’t be sure, but we did make plans to meet her and her new girlfriend for dinner this week.  (Her girlfriend, it turns out, is just finishing school in graphic design and my brother works for a company that does graphic design, so I gave her my brother’s info to pick his brain.)

2)   So, we started pricing new stoves, realized we probably couldn’t afford one, and then turned to our Facebook family for help.  Within an hour, a friend posted that she had a stove in her basement that she and her girlfriend had used for about a year and then hadn’t needed when they moved to a new house.  She was willing to sell it to us for a really good price.  Sold!

3)  Then, we had to find someone to help me go get it.  Having a dad with a truck is great but having a wife with a bad back is sometimes problematic (she makes up for it in other ways).  So, we started asking around and checking Craigslist for people who can be paid to do such things.

4)  My amazing aforementioned brother agreed to help.  He usually works on Saturdays, and this was bound to take most of the day (our friend lives about an hour away), so I’m really grateful that he was willing to take time out to help.  (p.s. He’s an amazing photographer and photo-retoucher, check out his blog here:

5)  We drove out and got the stove, caught up with our friend (another one we haven’t seen much of lately), and brought our treasure back home.  It was in even better shape than she described.

6)  Literally less than 5 minutes after putting the old stove on the curb, a couple guys (father and son, maybe) in a salvage truck came by and took it away.  They gave us their card for next time we had something to get rid of and were really appreciative (as were we).

It was like everyone was a winner in this story.  I like this stove even better than the original.  It has a much more classic look (with the “old-fashioned” electric coils) and fits perfectly with our kitchen.

This is what I woke up to this morning (she’s the early riser in the house):

ImageAnd this is the view at the end of the day:

ImageI love my life!

11 thoughts on “It all started with a little nick

  1. I came by today following a link to your latest post – couldn’t find it, but found this one instead. Love it! Love all the serendipity and the people and the gratitude and the food……. LOVE IT! 🙂

    • craftymadre says:

      Thanks! I was posting from my phone and got frustrated so I took it off. I ended up typing it into an e-mail and sending it to myself so I could post later from my computer. Glad you found this one, though!

  2. what a great story- and yum– that looks delicious!

  3. Julie says:

    I just love serendipitous stories like this! How awesome that everything just fell into place! 🙂

  4. Love it when things work out like that! I’m the cook in my family… but I would loooove to wake up to food being cooked!

  5. That was a beautiful story of synchronisty.

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