Completion of my ICAD Challenge!!!

ImageI DID IT!!  61 cards in Daisy Yellow’s 2 month long Index Card a Day Challenge.  In case you weren’t following along, here’s where all the magic began:

She’s been doing this challenge for at least a couple years now and the only rule is that you have to use index cards as your “canvas”.  You can use any medium or mixed media combo you want and people came up with some pretty amazing ideas.  The idea was to do one index card a day but she suggests committing to 7 a week (which was a big help with keeping the pressure from being overwhelming for me).  She posted optional themes for each week and a list of (again, optional) prompts to choose from.  I decided to use mine to created a catalogue of quotes that I want to remember for future pieces and experiment with different techniques and mediums.  At first, I found myself really leaning on the themes and prompts.  After the first month, though, I was just inspired by everyone else’s work and I had more than enough ideas on my own.  I followed her Facebook group pretty closely and checked out the Flickr group fairly often, as well.

As a relatively new blogger, and a newly committed crafter, this has been an amazing experience.  It really got me to focus on doing something creative almost every day.  I also tried out a lot of new techniques, discovered a lot of new crafters on Flickr, and got a boatload of encouragement from Facebook.  Looking back on my 61 cards, I can see so much growth in my work and willingness to experiment.  I don’t really like all the cards I made, by any means, but I do like that I made them.  And there are several that I really do love and feel so proud of.  I, honestly, couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the first couple months of my summer and I can’t wait for next summer’s challenge.

Here are some other bloggers who also been doing the challenge and who’ve provided me with additional inspiration: – I kept coming back to Natasha’s blog.  She focused on collage for her cards, but even given that boundary she had such a wide variety. I loved seeing her daughter’s cards displayed right alongside hers and hearing how proud her daughter was of her work and their posts. – She has some lovely cards and is a great drawer (a talent I envy).  Her son joined in, as well. – Just like my theme was inspirational quotes, hers was illustrating books she’d read.  Some of them sound really good, and the cards make them all the more interesting. – Mary did all 61 cards.  I love her style.  There’s a great mixture of bold, contemporary pieces with vintage and more subtle tones mixed in. – Janet also did all 61 cards and has a great group shot of them at the end.  Congrats!!

Finally, I’ve been posting mine in little groups all along, so if you want to see some others check out the ICAD tag on my tag cloud.  Here (drumroll) are my last few cards:


“Leap and the net will appear” really sums up my feeling about doing this challenge.  I jumped in, let go of judgement (over and over again), and kept creating.  I think that’s kind of what the challenge was about.  What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Completion of my ICAD Challenge!!!

  1. Love all your cards together. It is such a proud moment seeing them like that isn’t it!! Such an amazing practice.

    Thank you so much for linking to me as well. I am honoured to be in such great company!! 🙂

  2. Very nice! I’ve been wanting to do some of these things. I think it’s perfect for when you are short on time and are not sure how to start.

  3. Yay, you finished it! That’s great.

    Man, I’ve been lazy when it comes to posting about ICADs. Guess its because I kept going back n’ forth on most of them, thinking they’re not finished yet. Don’t suppose it’s too late to show some of them.

  4. Everyone that participated in that challenge should feel good about completing the project! Your cards look great all together…what a lot of fun that size “canvas” is…

  5. jecolorfulheart says:

    Love seeing your complete collection! And I enjoy seeing that you tried so many very different styles.

  6. Janet says:

    Congratulations on completing all 61 cards! I like your idea of creating a collection of quotes with each card. Isn’t it fun to see them all laid out together? Thanks for linking to my cards.

  7. dawnsrays says:

    Good going! it’s nice to see them all laid out together isn’t it. That feeling that “I did that”. I love that I completed it this year as in the past two I petered out for various (rediculous) reasons. So **high five**

  8. TangledPen says:

    Congrats on finishing all 61!
    Thanks so much for linking to some of my cards, it’s much appreciated! I’m still working on improving my drawing… I just love it, it always gives me peace of mind. I’m glad you enjoy my drawings.
    Cheers 🙂

  9. Many Cha Cha Michelle says:

    What a great achievement. They look really fantastic all laid out together. Well done, very inspiring!

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