I made a wreath!

ImageMy wife has been wanting me to find a new wreath for our door for ages.  We had a dried lavender wreath on the door that I got her for Valentine’s Day but it started shedding every time we opened and closed the door. I wanted to preserve it so I found a nice hook on a wall near the door, nestled next to a couple of kid-made frames from my boy for its golden years…


So, I finally made a new one.  I pinned about a million.  (Okay. Maybe only 29.  But you can see them here.  http://m.pinterest.com/bakercooley/wreaths/)  And then I went with a pretty simple one (being my first, and everything).   Here’s the one I tried:  http://sabrinarenee92.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/burlap.

I got a simple wire frame from Michaels and grabbed some fabric from my stash. Both were actually left over from our wedding. The paisley was supposed to be wrapped around the linen on our table (that never happened).  The purple was supposed to be on the ground as the edges of our “aisle” but people kept tripping on it at the rehearsal so I yanked it up. (Yeah, it was a that kind of wedding but it was absolutely perfect.)

I kind of made up my own way of wrapping the ribbon on the frame.  I kind of looped it on and started wrapping it around.
I and didn’t have enough of the paisley to go around so then I yanked that out and redid it. Here was my first attempt:

I tried a couple other versions before settling on this one. I ended up just wrapping the paisley around as far as it would go (making it loose enough so I could puff it up a bit). There was still a gap so I used the purple and kind of braided it around the wire. I like that part the best.


I hung it on the door, content.


The next morning, I was fiddling around in the dining room and found some silk flowers I got for the wedding (doesn’t everyone store their silk flowers in the dining room?).  I’m not a huge silk or dried flowers fan (I’d so much rather the real thing) but my wife likes them so I got a bunch in our colors and had them scattered on little projects throughout.


Borrowing from this beautiful blogger (http://www.stonegableblog.com/2010/08/bridal-wreaths.html) I grabbed a handful and decided to try adding them in to make the wreath fuller…  And it was perfect!

8 thoughts on “I made a wreath!

  1. Hey there, I’m spreading the blogger appreciation by giving out a couple of awards to 15 people, and you’re one of them! Yay!

    Check it out here:

  2. Beautiful wreath you made and extra fun to hear about what all went into…I enjoy when the perfect this and that happen to pop up just when you need them…the brocade and rich purple are really pretty!

  3. dawnsrays says:

    Well it is beautiful! and I think it counts as a mandala, so Happy Mandala Monday to you and your very welcoming door!

  4. Amy says:

    It turned out splendidly! It looks like it has a perfect balance to it.

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