Mandala Monday


Happy Mandala Monday!  I stole some time away from dinner tonight (it’s actually Sunday, don’t tell) to work on this mandala before the sun set.  My boy’s a notoriously slow eater, so his other mom sat with him while I puttered in the garden clipping some of my beautifully blooming plants.  Here’s what I used:


The marigolds are from a huge bush that I put in my garden to help ward off pests from the tomatoes, but it’s kind of taken over (it’s okay, though, it was in the corner with the cucumber and that’s done for the year).  I love how vibrant the orange is and I really love the way it looks with the purple.  And the vine is growing up the side of my back porch. I love the way they look, but I know they’re not at all good for the siding (which was pretty poorly constructed to begin with).  When I first tried to shape it for the outside of the mandala, it made a kind of a loose heart shape.



Have a beautiful week!



5 thoughts on “Mandala Monday

  1. Meg says:

    Love this! It’s so vibrant. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me here. 🙂

  2. dawnsrays says:

    I love the snapshots of what you used in your mandala, that is awesome. I love me some marigolds. I only have one, slightly puny one that did anything worth talking about this year. Hoping next year to be more vigilant with them and get a nice bunch. Orange and Purple together is a great combo and add green to the mix and wow!! great mandala.
    Happy Mandala Monday (glad you could sneak away)

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