An ATC gift

I recently left the company I’d worked for for the past (almost) 10 years. It was bittersweet, especially since I had really liked the Program Director I had just started working with. She also had a creative streak, was incredibly thoughtful and insightful, and had been really helping me grow and refine my supervision style. 

As a thank-you, I gave her this found art/collage ATC that I made a while ago (and had hung in my office): 

The quote is from “A High Wind in Jamaica” by Richard Hughes. 

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Easter Eggs

A Pinterest win!  I like experimenting with my boy on different ways to dye eggs each year. He usually does the vinegar fizz method at church, so it’s fun to mix it up at home. This year, we tried:

How To Dye Easter Eggs – Handy And Organic Idea For Norou


They were an unqualified success!  We did the onion skins and cabbage suggested in the post and also tried canned beets. We went with just flowers (the bouquet my wife got me didn’t have great leaves on it but the flowers were perfect). We used a combo of white and green died flowers (the kind you get for St. Patrick’s day). Some of the green bled through, which we thought was pretty cool. 

The directions in the post are pretty perfect, so I don’t have much to add. Here are some process pics with my cute kid, though (in our friend’s beautiful kitchen):

We’re pretty impatient, so we took the onions and beets out after only about an hour. I think the color on the onion skins is great. The beets came out pretty light pink, but I think they would have been great if we had left them in overnight.  


We did leave the cabbage in over night, and the color came out a deep blue, which we loved.  

My son had fun decorating a couple with Sharpies. He though the ones that had the flower imprinted on the top, instead of the side, looked like hair or a hat. I think they’re adorable. 

Here are a couple other similar posts that I found interesting. I love the idea of using natural food-base dyes, and there are a bunch of options here: 

Both that article and this next one suggest using vinegar, which we didn’t do. It might have made the beets pop more, but I think the onion skin and cabbage colors are just great. 

I love the different plants used in this next post. The variety of colors and designs are just stunning. 

Homemade Easter Eggs Naturally Dyed with Onion Skins

Hope you try them!  

p.s. Work has been crazy for the past couple years so I stopped blogging. I’ve still been crafting, though, and taking tons of pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to start sharing again and pick up where I left off. 

Have a glorious Easter!


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