I love birdhouses! They can be so unique and creative and the only requirement is that they have a hole to let the bird in. The “bones” can also be purchased at Michael’s or similar craft stores and are like a blank pallet.

I saw a collection with books used as roofs at a local artisan’s gallery (Pinch, in Northampton, MA). I though they were amazing. It prompted me to try my own. I love decoupage, so it was only logical to use pages from the book to decorate it. I painted my own little designs, as well. I made two as raffle prizes for our Jill and Jill. My niece won one of them, so I can visit it whenever I want.

This one was just painted and decorated. I made it to match my son’s playroom and then screwed it to the wall with a screw through the hole.

My favorite birdhouse was made for my wife by her father. It’s made out of a tree branch, primarily, with a knot for the hole. It’s so organic and rustic, but amazingly beautiful. We actually put this one outside on our fence. I hesitated because I didn’t want it to get ruined by the weather but it would have felt like a crime not to give it back to a family of birds.



I recently found these metal birdhouses at Market Imports in Raleigh, NC and fell in LOVE.  They make me want to learn how to use the welder my wife got me for my birthday last June.  (I’ve been too scared to take out of the box- I’m afraid I’ll either kill myself or become addicted to welding and not want to stop.)

IMG_2248 IMG_2234

I keep adding to this post!  These are the coolest birdhouses I’ve found so far.  They were outside “Ross’ Grill” in the Provincetown mall.  I love the combination of found items/objects.

IMG_2700 IMG_2702 IMG_2703

UPDATE: I my eternal quest for interesting birdhouses, I just came across this blog. She’s making a whole collection for a craft fair. It’s like birdhouse Heaven!


I love this woman’s blog and the stuff her local artists’ group does sounds and looks amazing. I’m such a sucker for boxes… They’re like these perfect 3D canvases ready for whatever someone wants to throw at ’em!

Here are some I’ve made over the years.